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YellOwStaR officially Signs with Team SoloMid

YellOwStaR TSM officially announced!

YellOwStaR has been apart of team Fnatic since 2013. He had a fntastic 2 seasons playing the support role with them ultimately making it to the Semi-finals this year when they were knocked out by KOO Tigers. Since then a lot of EU and Korean players have been moving over to play for an NA team. With Santorin, Lustboy and Dyrus departing , TSM needed to replace nearly it's entire roster besides Bjergsen who will remain their only existing player.

Doublelift was announced TSM's new ADC back in late October. This lead to the search for an outstanding support that requires great communication with Doublelift. Speculations because of IEM lead to the belief that KaSing may be TSM's new support. But with a few nuts and bolt found in TSM's streams, they released by accident hints that YellOwStaR was the strongest contender for the position.

Today TSM announced that all the speculation was true, as YellOwStaR officially signs with Team SoloMid. With a new team, and a need for communication and camaraderie we will see what this entirely refaced team will bring come the 2016 season.


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