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Ultimate Media Ventures looks to dress eSports

Ultimate Media Ventures is planning to release new apparel into the eSports Community at E3 in June.

The company, who are currently backed by the Dallas based VC Cedar Springs Capital, plans to come up with initiative ways to increase revenue and popularity streams within the eSports community and business.

eSports is a continually growing business, with more and more companies pumping more and more money into the industry, in an attempt to make it one of the highest grossing industries within the Gaming market. In 2016, over $300 million was spent across sponsorship and advertising within the eSports industry, this accounted for 70% of the total gross income within eSports, which was an increase of 49% on the previous year.

Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, highlights the continued growth of eSports over the past few years. He says "If you take for instance how many people are really eSports enthusiasts, its about 130 million this year. The good news is there's another group of people, about 140 million, that are occasional viewers, like tuning in only for the big championships".

Ultimate Media Venture are planning to release themed apparel at E3 this year. They plan to incorporate a lifestyle theme with their clothing, with the aim to appeal to viewers of eSports as well as the competitive gamers too.


Their specific clothing will target teams who are competing at eSports events, with the aim to produce specific uniforms. This will benefit themselves as the uniform will promote their company, and this in turn will generate more income over longevity, which is the ultimate aim for any business.

They also plan to target on-screen broadcasters of eSports with their 'Caster Couture' suits. This again will help promote their services, and with a potential playing and viewing audience of over 250 million people, it is clear to see that this is the industry to be involved in.


Fragd will be a video production on the behind-the-scenes of eSports as they continue to express on the Lifestyle.

UMV are paving the way for other companies to get involved with eSports. With an estimated $800 million being pumped into the industry by 2019 now is a better time than ever to get involved in one of the most exciting markets around.

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