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TSMs Inconsistency

Team SoloMid, the most dominant and well-known team in the NALCS since season one, are hailed as the best in the region. It is not uncommon to listen to fans and casters alike put TSM on a pedestal much like the Ancient Greeks did for Zeus. Every cast will eventually include the infamous “TSM! TSM! TSM!” chant. As fans follow TSM like Moses carrying the Ten Commandments, and casters constantly praise every call they make, it is very difficult to see that the pedestal that TSM stands on is slowly wobbling and will eventually crumble. What do you mean crumble? Good question! Some might argue that the exalted players (Bjergsen, Hauntzer, and Doublelift only) are constantly outperforming their lane opponents in every match making their pillar incredibly durable minus small mistakes; most bandwagon fans act like Lee Sin and blindly face check this claim. What about Svenskeren? Where did the infamous European InSec’s spotlight go? As the the 2017 NALCS Summer Split continues, that spotlight will continue to fade as it is very apparent that the overhyped Jungler (although having lost a considerable amount of weight) is becoming heavier and heavier due to his inconsistency.
In Week 1, Day 2, our esteemed heroes squared off against another NALCS giant, Cloud 9. There is no better way to reinforce the hype of being the baddest bullies on the NA playground then to crush the other bullies; a feat they accomplished in their 2-0 victory. In their opening match, Svenskeren debuted with Olaf, ragnaroking through the enemy team. TSM won the game in 42:16 with the jungler ending 4/2/3 (50% kill participation) with 15.0k gold earned and securing first blood at 3:56. Game 2 saw similar performances with TSM winning in 37:01 with Svenskeren, on his well-known Lee Sin, ending 5/2/6 (~69% kill participation) with 13.3k gold earned and securing first blood at 3:03. Overall, Svenskeren popped off with a whopping 13.5 KDA and an average of 14.1k gold earned. Great show by our seemingly unstoppable forest wanderer in TSM’s debut for the Summer Split. But one match is not enough proof that he or TSM are a force to be reckoned with.
In Day 3, TSM found themselves against IMT where they got wiped in their 0-2 loss. Game 1 ended in 37:22 with Svenskeren ghosting away from his previous performance at 1/7/4 (83% kill participation), with 11.9k gold earned and no first blood. IMT convincingly won the match by 14 kills and a gold lead of 7.4k. One bad performance is fine, TSM is notorious for throwing game 1 and reverse sweeping; not this time. Game 2 ended at 32:23 with Svenskeren succumbing to “Lee Syndrome” and finishing at 2/4/3 (83% kill participation), 9.8k gold earned, and no first blood. The difference in his performance on day 2 and day 3 is comparative to that of low ELO and high ELO. But League of Legends is a team game and one player cannot always take the blame for the loss, after all, Svenskeren finished with the second highest number of kills in both games. Any League player with common game sense knows, kills do not outweigh objectives.
Hoping to bounce back from their 1-1 week, TSM skirmished against Dignitas in Week 2, Day 2. Much like a hormonal teenager in their first sexual encounter, Svenskeren overpromises and under-performs.
TSM vs Dignitas (L, 1-2)
Game 1 Loss in 36:38 (Ivern) – 0/1/5 (83% KP), 10.2k gold earned, zero first blood
Game 2 Win in 45:28 (Lee Sin) – 1/6/7 (40% KP), 13.5k gold earned, zero first blood
Game 3 Loss in 36:26 (Elise) – 2/7/2 (40% KP), 10.2k gold earned, zero first blood
The statistics do not lie. Svenskeren got cut down like a tree and squashed like a bug in games 1 and 3 where TSM lost convincingly to Dignitas. What about Game 2? While TSM won the game, Svenskeren’s inconsistency is very apparent with his score line, gold earned, and the amount of time it took for TSM to secure that victory. Svenskeren accounts for 14 of TSMs deaths throughout the series making him the proverbial punching bag of Dignitas in their quick sub 40:00 games.
In Day 3 of Week 2, fans revel in the return of their champion jungler:
TSM v CLG (W, 2-1)
Game 1 Loss in 38:25 (Kha’zix) – 1/5/2 (42.8% KP), 10.8k gold earned, no first blood
Game 2 Win in 29:46 (Lee Sin) – 13/0/12 (89% KP), 13.8k gold earned, no first blood
Game 3 Win in 40:48 (Lee Sin) – 4/3/11 (79% KP), 14.8k gold earned, no first blood
Much like every TSM match, game 1 is a “warm-up” with Svenskeren demonstrating his invisibility on Kha’zix and giving fans similar statistics to his other losses (under 40:00 and majority of the team’s deaths), but what makes this match different are games 2 and 3.  Svenskeren shows the fans and casters why he is hyped up by crushing CLG and being a presence on the map and enabling the success of TSM by not weighing a metric ton.
Bottom line is every loss involves Svenskeren being absolutely destroyed by the enemy team. All losses end in under 40:00 where Svenskeren is responsible for most of TSM’s deaths. Overall, Svenskeren performed well in four out of the ten total games that TSM played in those two weeks which by any school standard is a failing percentage. LoL is not baseball where you get paid to succeed 30% of the time; consistency is what they are paid for. The season is still young and there is still time for him to rebound and show that he deserves to be part of TSM. However, Reginald needs to soon decide about whether he wants to return TSM to its former glory this season (where all biased casts and bandwagon fans have validity), or does he want to keep rolling the dice with his current jungler and win the remaining 40% of all games for the rest of the season. Whatever he decides, may the odds forever be in their favor.