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Top 10 Plays from LoL All-Stars 2015

The League of Legends 2015 All-Star event wrapped up yesterday after an awesome weekend of LoL from the best players in the world. Here are some of my favorite plays from the event.


A Hectic Lv. 4 Gank Gone (almost) Awry [EU vs. NA]

The legendary EU vs. NA rivalry was definitely a show to watch in this past All-Star event. Only 6 minutes into the first game, Meteos goes for a mid-lane gank, and the play turns into an incredibly exciting 4-2 fight in favor of NA.

"He cancelled the recall! He's toast!" [LCK vs. EU]

With 18 minutes to the game, PraY is found alone in the bot-lane, and Huni  teleports with the intention to shut him down. While PraY began to recall to safety, he inexplicably cancels it, and as consequence is caught out by the much stronger Huni. An amazing flash-juke and a teleport by Faker later, the tides were quickly turned.

What's Turret Damage? [Fire vs. Ice Tandem]

The Fire vs. Ice tandem mode match had a very high body count on both sides, with 50 kills in total after 17 minutes. That said, it was a very fun game to watch, and my particular favorite kill was that of Rekklex with a dive on Karbe, barely snatching a kill, and then perfectly calculating tower shots to take the first-tier middle tower.

Outplaying Faker [LCK vs. IWC]

In the LCK vs. IWC match, the legendary Faker was pitted against Kira. After 6 minutes Faker goes in for a trade, but receives more damage than expected, which prompts him to back off. However, Kira wasn't having it, and with Faker trying to recall a little too close to the action, Kira hits a skillshot perfectly to secure an easy kill with most of his health in tact.

Sacrifice the Support! [LPL vs LMS]

In the LPL vs LMS match, Team Ice (LPL) was not afraid to play aggressively in the first few minutes. In the bot lane, specifically, things got heated real fast. When Pyl gets caught, teammate Uzi goes ahead with the fight regardless of how it initially looks grim. After Pyl goes down, a life-saving gank from Ice's Clearlove gets Uzi to safety with a sliver of health.

An Amazing Lee Sin [EU vs LMS]

In the EU vs LMS match, Amazing's name rang true many times, but my particular favorite was the phenomenal kill secure on Westdoor with Huni's assistance. Amazing makes it look easy to so expertly navigate Lee Sin's exceptionally large ability arsenal.

Kira Outplays Doublelift [IWC vs. NA]

Former 1v1 IWC champion Kira got to show exactly why he'san all-star in his game against NA. When Doublelift and Aphromoo threaten him in mid lane, Kira makes a stunning flash play, expertly utilizing the Anivia passive to put Doublelift in his place.

Revenge in the Top Lane [LCK vs. LPL]

What began with a well-executed dive for a kill by LCK, soon turned into 3 well-executed kills for LPL when Rookie playing Azir ults to block the LCK retreat, shoving them right back into his teammates.

Huni's 4-Man Stun [EU vs. NA]

There was more than one great moment in the EU vs. NA match in this All-Star Event. On the EU, side, Huni pulled off a great 4-man stun with Jax to completely stop an approach on his second tier mid tower.

And last, by far my favorite moment in the 2015 All-Stars...

Kassadin Pentakill [LMS vs. IWC]

After team Ice (IWC) was engaged trying to take a tier-1 mid tower, Westdoor of LMS, well... See for yourself.

Hopefully you enjoyed this 2015 All-Star event as much as I did. With all the huge changes and bounds made in League of Legends, this All-Star event has made me even more excited to watch this upcoming LCS season.

See you on the rift!

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