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Tips to Improve Aim in Overwatch (And any other FPS)

If you're new to the FPS genre, or just looking for a way to improve your current skill set, then this article is exactly what you're looking for. I wouldn't call myself an FPS expert but I have had my fair share of CoD, Halo, and Counter strike experiences. One thing I'm always looking to do when playing games that require immense aiming accuracy is to find ways of improving accuracy while not necessarily playing the game for hours on end. These are a few tips that will help you land more shots, in the right places.


Sensitivity is the speed at which you are able to move your character view in any direction. This is very important when dealing with any fast-paced game, where you'll constantly be jumping around looking for the next enemy.  Unfortunately there is no "sweet spot" when it comes to sensitivity; you'll have to choose a sensitivity and stick with it. Like with anything, you'll eventually grow accustomed to whatever your sensitivity is set to. Personally I think that with any new game it's better to take a "head first" approach by setting your sensitivity to a higher than normal setting so that you learn the game under that setting. It will feel awkward, and unfamiliar at first, but with practice you will learn to play that way! A higher sensitivity can mean a higher advantage since you will be able to swivel your camera around much quicker than your opponents.

SensitivityChanging the sensitivity is very simple and can be done by going to the options menu, selecting controls and adjusting the bar either to the right or left depending on your personal preference.


Plain and simple, ergonomics refers to the efficiency of your work environment; For gaming this is the way you are positioned in front of your screen, your posture, and the way your hands are placed on your keyboard/controller. If your wrists are strained then you will inevitably have difficulties landing the perfect head shot. For a keyboard/mouse set up make sure your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle , your back is straight, and your neck is not craning up or down allowing your eyes to stare straight ahead. For a controller you need to keep your hands in a position that feels comfortable such as sitting upright, not lying down or leaning on your elbows, and staying close enough to your screen so that you can see all the action, without straining your eyes.


With any skill the best way to improve is with practice. Overwatch offers a couple of useful ways to hone your skills through their Training modes, which is either tutorial-based, or allows you to play in a free-roaming range where you can shoot non-threatening targets. It's fun to practice on characters like Widowmaker who require fairly good aim accuracy, and it's also a good way to blow off some steam.

Improve Aim

There is also a mode where you rally against A.I. units with real teammates, this gives you a better understanding of the game types and how the maps are laid out. This is an excellent way to improve aim accuracy since the targets will be moving erratically, similarly to real players.

Improve Aim


No, this doesn't mean get a membership to your local shooting range. There are wonderful tools such as Aimbooster which allow you to focus primarily on hitting what is on the other end of the reticle. This takes out the vivid colors, distracting noises, and constant movement of the game allowing you to focus on hitting your target. I found that after a couple of minutes of practicing on Aimbooster I was much more prepared for a match than I normally would have been. The more I play it the more my accuracy both in Aimbooster, and in Overwatch increases. I would highly recommend this to any PC FPS gamer as a tool to keep your KDA positive.

Do you have any tips to improve aim accuracy in Overwatch? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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