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The Perfect Game Takes SKT to MSI Final

Wolf dominated the bottom lane as Soraka and Karma

Despite looking shaky in their first game, SKT demolished China's RNG in a 3-1 series earlier today.

The reigning world champions, SKT struggled through the group stages of MSI to enter semifinals as fourth seed. In each win of their semifinal performance, however, they were more and more dominant – finishing the series on a perfect game. A "perfect game" is where a team wins without conceding any towers, objectives, or kills.

Shoutcaster Joshua 'Jatt' Leesman said:

“SKT are so annoying to play against because they will fight you over absolutely everything. They'll make you fight over the caster minions!”

SKT's duo lane looked exceptionally impressive. Bang leads the table for average CS and CS-per-minute. Wolf, who was criticised last year for a shallow champion pool, showed he could be diverse by mixing in Soraka and a surprise Karma pick.

On the win and going to the final, Wolf said:

 “Soraka and Karma are both champions who are strong in the laning phase. We wanted to snowball through that.

“CLG are a bit better than Flash Wolves and I think it'd be more interesting to play against them. I really look up to Aphromoo. I learned a lot from him in the group stage and I wish to learn more from him in the finals.”

SKT are the two-time world champions of League of Legends and have dominated the international competetive scene.

CLG play League Master Series representatives Yoe Flash Wolves tomorrow and the winner will face SKT on Sunday.

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