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Summary of What's Been Happening In Hearthstone's Subreddit - justjimm

What a week! What a lovely week!

With Blizzcon imminent, /r/hearthstone and the Hearthstone community has finally reached the boiling point this week. The crucible has been simmering since the heavy handed Warsong Commander removal from the game nerf. (Long time Arena player /u/adwcta rips apart shares his passionate critique of the HS design team on this issue).

The Hearthstone team obviously have their hands full - the fact that this post is still up after 20 minutes. Granted, the CM team was busy (and still is) addressing issues right here on Reddit during the time the post went up.

For those has aren't in the loop or is still in the dark of what exactly is happening, here's a rough time line. If I missed anything, please leave a comment and I'll add it in. This could be a pivotal week that will shape the future of Hearthstone.

Rough Timeline

6 Days Ago

The first domino that toppled it all could be said to be a video from Disguised Toast, posted 6 days ago, shared right here on Reddit. He talks about the inconsistencies in Hearthstone that existed (and still exists, on top of new ones) since the launch of the game.

5 Days Ago

It was then followed up by a video from Firebat, the 2014 Blizzcon World Champion, who talked about how the game has been dumbed down to simply 'Who has the best curve?' and 'The cards now play themselves.' Spoiler: T2 Minibot, T3 Muster, T4 Piloted Shredder, T5 (To be revealed at Blizzcon 2015!), T6 Mysterious Challenger, T7 Dr. Boom, T8 Tirion.

3 Days Ago

A post got voted to the top, written by /r/seraphHS, on the dissatisfaction on the current state of Hearthstone.

2 Days Ago

/u/30to1 made a post with almost 3.5k votes about how a certain core card game design is lacking in Hearthstone.

The reddit community started sharing their Hearthstone stories and their thoughts on the current state of the game inthis 2.5k votes post, started by /u/patriot_flat_1776.

1 Day Ago

Things get heated as a long timer reddit community member fire shots at the Hearthstone design team - sick of their excuses and ridiculous reasons of not balancing (or responding quicker) the game.

Another long time member, /u/TroldenHS, shares his dissatisfaction with the state of the game and the balancing philosophy of the design team. Spoiler: Need more regular patches!

Call to Actions! The community are now holding surveys and encouraging actions from community itself to make themselves heard.

11 Hours Ago

"To better service" the community, @PlayHearthstone (Twitter) will now be used for official communications instead of CM accounts. Source

8 Hours Ago

Zeriya and Aratil are answering/addressing concerns from the community right here on reddit!

6 Hour Ago

It has now come full circle. Disguised Toast has announced his break from producing Hearthstone content.

What Now?

Blizzcon's in 2 days. Guess we'll wait and see what they'll announce and what the future holds for Hearthstone. If it's simply an adventure announcement without addressing any of the issues raised by the community…

Amisdt all the drama and outrage, there were a few shitposts gems that popped up:


- Community Post -



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