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SteelSeries Black Ops 2 Mouse Review


General Numbers


Frames per second: 12000
Inches per second: 150
Mega pixels per second: 10.8
Counts per inch: 90 – 5670
Maximum acceleration: 30 G
Sensor data path: True 16 bit
Lift distance: ~2 mm Maximum polling: 1000 H                                                                                   

Size and Weight

Weight: 90 grams (0.2 lbs)
Height: 38.7 mm (1.5 in)
Width: 68.3 mm (2.7 in)
Length: 125.5 mm (4.9 in)


eSports Steel Series 1. Left click
2. Scroll wheel & middle click
3. Right click
4. Right side button 1
5. Right side button 2
6. CPI high / low switch
7. Left side button 1
8. Left side button 2


With a Retail Price of: $69.99

Things we loved right from the start:

The macro system: SteelSeries is using their own program with this mouse that you can download as soon as you plug the mouse into your PC or Mac. This works wonders by not holding you back like some other macro capable devices. There is no set length to how much text you can use to create your macro. This system very user friendly and clean displays allowing easy navigation. You can even add in keyboard strokes and mouse clicks in the same macro. Overall this is a very intelligent system that can be used across all SteelSeries mice. You can download it here and if you’re thinking about getting this mouse, we recommend downloading it even before you open the box!

The feel of the mouse: It’s very comfortable in your hand and its not too bulky or too small for the average user. All buttons being in very comfortable and ergonomically spots. The two right (Or left) side buttons may take some time getting used too, but after a few games of Black Ops you should be in full swing. The matte finish is also a very nice touch while feeling good on your palm. Its makes for a controlled surface and won’t make your hand perspire like a glossy topped mouse. This is a bilateral mouse meaning it’s just as comfortable for your left hand, as your right!


The mouse looks great, the orange accents and the Black Ops 2 logo add a lot to the mouse instead of a boring solid color. But of course if you didn’t like it visually, then we don’t know why you would purchase this version of the mouse anyways. Either way, the mouse also lights up with 2 different options for brightness. Now who doesn’t love equipment that glows? This is a very cool feature because you can set one brightness setting to a specific macro/keybinding setup, and the other brightness setting to a separate one. So you can easily switch games, weapons, play style, and people (if the mouse is shared) very quickly.

A bit on the hardware:

At first, you see the mouse and you automatically assume that they could not have changed much from the previous version, Xai. This is partially true because they haven’t changed much to the exterior, although they ramped up the mouse insides quite a bit. This mouse essentially has it’s own CPU that is equivalent to a pentium CPU. This doubles the power of the previous mouse from 5,700 DPI to a whopping 11,400 DPI! If that isn’t enough this mouse also offers 2 DPI settings you can change by hitting the middle triangular button. Since this mouse was made using the help from professional gamers, this was a preference they favored and you can really tell a difference. This things so powerful it even has it’s own local storage. With everything you get out of this its like a “mini mouse” computer.

The only exterior change from the original Sensei was the lack of the screen on the bottom, however this doesn’t really take anything away from the mouse. For a general everyday mouse, this works great and will complete whichever task you throw at it. You can go from photoshop, to internet browsing, to the intensely accurate FPS’s – This thing will tackle the job with precision.

Our Esports Breakdown:

If you got your muscle memory down on this mouse, It could easily be a very good choice for competitive play. As you can see above this mouse can cover 150 inches in just 1 second and 12,000 frames per second. It’s very impressive for any gaming mouse and won’t leave you stranded. With the precise feel of the click, great grip and the nice weight, this mouse is not going to let you down in a clutch situation. Also don’t think this mouse is just for COD: Black Ops 2, or any FPS for that matter. We’ve tested this mouse on DOTA, League of Legends, Shootmania and Starcraft 2. If it weren’t for the sleek Black Ops 2 design, you’d think it’d be made for these other games as well.


  • Awesome Feel
  • Great Macro/Keybind Setup
  • Looks very appealing
  • Build quality is top notch
  • Easy plug and play mouse
  • Amazing Specs


  • Body may be too small for some people
  • Side buttons may be too small, and you may click the side buttons by accident.
  • No adjustable weight or grips

If you’re a die hard Call of Duty / FPS fan or just someone looking for a great mouse, we’d strongly recommend the SteelSeries Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gaming mouse.


Reader Rating: (1 Rate)9.9

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