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Selfless Gaming Add Two Players to their Roster

The ex-Enemy team now known as Selfless Gaming, have added Noah 'Nifty' Francis and Mitch 'mitch' Semago to their roster. 

Selfless Gaming, who attended the MLG Columbus Main qualifier, have added two premier players to their current roster, Noah 'Nifty' Francis and Mitch 'mitch' Semago. Selfless Gaming have been through a rough few weeks with the teams' contracts up with Enemy GG, losing their star AWPer Kenneth 'koosta' Suen to Team Liquid and knocked out of the MLG Columbus main qualifier; however, the team capitalizes on gaining two young intellectual players.

Selfless Gaming's online results are currently 6-4 in the ESL Pro League as they sit in the top spot having played more games than the rest of their league. Selfless have also made the semifinals of the first North American bracket for CEVO Gfinity Season 9.  The team aims to keep the top spot as long as they can, but their main goal is to make the playoffs and finish with a strong season as more LAN's and tournaments are in the horizon.

Uber, Relyks and MAiNLiNE bring in two young Premier players.

Uber, Relyks and MAiNLiNE bring in two young Premier players.

There was also some changes within the team's current players, Richard 'Lucky' Vasconcelos who has been playing for Selfless since early November, has decided to step down as an active player but will remain the teams' official backup. Steve 'Ryu' Rattacasa will still remain the head coach for his team as the 30 year-old will prepare his newly added premier players set to appear at CEVO Gfinity Season 9.

It has now been announced on Sefless' official website that the two players added are permanent additions to the roster, as as Vasconcelos will move to a backup role due to needing to focus on education.


Selfless' new lineup as follows:

Michael "Uber" Stapells
Skyler "Relyks" Weaver
Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber
Noah "Nifty" Francis
Mitch "m1tch" Semago

Richard "Lucky" Vasconcelos (backup)
Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa (coach)

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