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Riot's Recent Competitive Rulings and YellOwStaR is Officially Back Fnatic

A smooth transition for YellOwStaR.

YellOwStaR has officially left Team Solomid, flew back to Europe and rejoined Team Fnatic, going on to complete all paperwork involved and still had enough time to produce this video.

Other teams didn't provide such swiftness and grace as Riot persists on getting. Riot laid out some rulings while working late last Sunday. The 2 rulings were involving, TDK, Team Impulse, Renegades along with their Co-Owner Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles.

You can read the first Official Rulings: Competitive Ruling: Renegades and TDK

and released immediately after: Competitive Ruling: Team Impulse

TIP: Ultimately Team Impulse is forced to sell all rights and legal claim their team by May 18th. Riot explains that their are many buyers ready, and 10 days is ample time to pack up and sell it.

REN: Receiving the same punishment as TIP, Renegades, have a little more at stake here. Renegades are building a brand in the world of eSports, obtaining teams for different titles. So this ban could hurt Renegades as an organization. They have notable teams in Halo and CSGO, so one would ask; will they stand to be out of the LCS forever or be an organization competing only in other titles.

MonteCristo: He will still be able to cast the LCK he announced on his twitter page. He declines the claims, and will wait before announcing more.


Now there has been a bit of backlash in the community over the rulings. Stating they were swift and unwarranted, calling out Riot for being able to do anything without outside control.

Bottom line is just below this but two NA LCS spots are now up for grabs, and there will likely be some big names involved. I'm looking forward to seeing who shows up to the party.


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