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Riot's 2015 World Championship Format

Riot revealed their World Championship format yesterday providing and overview of the tournament structure.

The biggest change to this years format is to randomly select knockout stage matchups so that opponents won't know which teams they're going to face in the bracket until after the group stage. This annihilates any incentive for tactics involving losing intentionally.

Other than this change everything else stays familiar with the group stage taking 2 weeks where four teams will play round robin to decide which teams advance to bracket play.

Riot will broadcast a live Group Draw where qualified teams will be seeded into the group stage, following a rule that attempts to "maximize" the amount of international play: no group will have more than one team per region.

The quarterfinal matchups will be determined by random selection, again. This is so that two teams from the same group will not face eachother in that specific round.

This all but ensures a fair competition in League of Legends biggest day of the year!

Check out the official pool structure below!



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