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Riot Drop the Ban-hammer - Renegades, TDK Hit

This past weekend saw quite a bit of upheaval in the world of professional LoL: Riot hit a number of teams with bans for breaking various rules, thus handing down the largest competitive ruling in the history of the game. The two teams which bore the brunt of the ban-hammer extravaganza were Team Dragon Knights and Renegades. Of these, the latter got permanently banned from LCS, and was given until May 18 to sell its LCS slot. TDK got off with a much lighter sentence: they were banned from the Summer Split. The fact that Riot's wrath was directed mainly at these two teams was no coincidence. Following a period of investigations, which lasted for several weeks, and acting on a number of complaints which were aimed at the connections between the two teams, Riot delivered the sentences after careful consideration. It seems like the two teams were indeed intertwined in ways absolutely forbidden by Riot's rules: their players were often housed together and sometimes, a player allegedly playing for TDK would end up getting paid by Regenades. To make the situation worse, it was uncovered that a former TDK owner, Chris Badawi, who had been banned for poaching players, was involved with both teams: he was the shadow-owner of Renegades and he was an insider with TDK as well.

When the dust settled, Badawi found himself banned from all Riot-sanctioned action for life. Leaving no stone unturned, Riot also leveled punishment at Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, the current owner of Renegades, for his involvement in the scheme: he was banned from Riot-sanctioned events for a year.

Apparently, despite the depth of the investigation and the careful deliberation, Riot neglected to fill in the parties concerned as the case progressed, and thus, those banned only received a 30-minute notice before the rulings were handed down, being robbed of the possibility to effectively defend themselves. They were nonetheless quite vocal in their protests, supported by the Renegade players, who stated that they never felt they were in any sort of danger and had they felt so at any point, they would've left the outfit.

The rulings have left several team slots in limbo: two in the NA LCS and one in the NA CS, and while there is a deadline (May 18) for the teams involved in the above said fiascos to sell these slots, it isn't exactly clear what will happen if one or more of the teams fails to meet the deadline. Riot have stated as much though that they had a solution for such an eventuality too.


Peter Wassenberg has been getting his eSports fix at Gosugamers since 2004.

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