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Review: TruBrain, can it be used for eSports?


TruBrain, and it's uses in eSports

Normally Nootropics come in pill form but recently TruBrain has created the first of it's kind; a drinkable one! So what is a Nootropic and why should you consider them? Nootropics are a fairly new product made from all-natural ingredients from plant sources and minerals. This product mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, scholars and sports junkies has revealed a use for eSports. The benefit you receive from this product include; increased focus, alertness, and stress reduction. These are all vital and are a fit in the realm of eSports. Since TruBrain acknowledges that this would be a good place for their product, they so graciously sent us a box to test out for ourselves!

To start out with: the taste. Now I've used other nootropics before so I knew what I was getting into, however I've never experienced it in a drinkable form. They come in single serving cardboard pouches and are pretty easy to use or transport. My initial thought was that it tasted horrible, and I drank it pretty slow. Throughout my week of trying the product out I will say that the taste did actually get better. But by this time I had learned to drink them in a single gulp, really fast. The after taste can be off putting too, so a sip of water afterward helps. After looking at the ingredient list I can understand it's hard to mask those flavors while keeping the contents to a minimum to be easily and quickly consumed. By the seventh day I could drink them no problem though and I found that the after taste didn't bother me as much - you could say it's an acquired taste for sure.


My first experience was around mid afternoon. I made sure to skip my usual morning coffee in order to experience the full effects. The first pouch I tried was the TruBrain original product (Turquoise Pouch). After getting over the initial taste and letting it set in, I was surprised at how alert I felt. I had the same initial energy boost that a cup of coffee typically provides to me. The best part about the energy from TruBrain was that it didn't come with the caffeine jitters or the crash. With this new found energy it was time to put my senses to the test by playing some League of Legends ranked play. While the energy was helpful, I didn't experience any "third-eye" moments. In fact my overall win-to-lose ratio was completely unaffected.  Though I did not increase my own performance, I did feel it helped with keeping me more awake and alert. It was quicker to consume then coffee and did not leave me with jitters at all. So that part was fantastic.

Here's another example of a use for TruBrain that another staff member experienced:

I took the drink, this one was the boost(Orange Pouch), late at night for a long distance drive. The taste was unexpected, and at first I didn’t feel any immediate rush of energy. However during my drive I didn’t feel drowsy, fatigue, or tired and I stayed wide awake for a two hour drive. The effect of TruBrain was very subtle but it did keep me awake and focused on the road. Surprisingly there was no after effect or crash, and I was able to fall asleep fairly quickly when I arrived home. TruBrain kept me focused on the task I needed to concentrate on, and the effects did subdue when I no longer needed it. So I got to get some rest as soon as I arrived home.



Over the week of trying out TruBrain I would definitely recommend it to those needing help being alert or focusing. I was also taking this prior to meetings or long writing sessions and I do feel the effects were helping me. I'm also no stranger to Nootropics but if you are this is a pretty safe one to try out. Even if you just want a little pick me up each day it will do the trick. There was no long lasting effect for me and I'd say it's pretty safe to take any hour of the day.

But don't take our word for it, you can try TruBrain for yourself!




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