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Q&A with Ultimate Media Ventures, an eSports lifestyle brand


 Q&A with Nate Eckman, co-founder of Ultimate Media Ventures and lead designer for the eSports apparel line ULT.

What was the idea behind starting Ultimate Media Ventures, did something inspire you?

At ULTIMATE we are lifelong gamers and have been working in the gaming industry as consultants and strategists for years with major publishers like Riot, Xbox, Ubisoft and Activision.  My co-founder, Jon Bukosky, and I were inspired to create ULTIMATE because of our dedication to the eSports community and our ability to actively participate in its growth.  We knew we wanted to own the company and not just be hired guns.

What is your impression of the eSports community as a whole?

ESports as a whole is still young, still emerging.  The infrastructure and regulations are expanding and contracting in real-time.  We are on the front lines of that.  My overall impression though is excitement.  I love the idea that by the end of my lifetime the world will be dominated by eSports.

How successful is your apparel? Do you see the opportunity you have at E3 as the next big step for the company?

The response for ULT premium design and limited edition product has been incredible.  ULT eSports lifestyle apparel launches Monday June 13th at our private reception during E3 week in LA.  This is absolutely the next big step for our brand.  We are excited about the first collection called “Kills.” Be sure to follow @ULTeSports on Instagram and @ULTlosangeles on Twitter for custom ULT Astro A40s and VIP ticket giveaways leading up to the E3 show!

How well do people react to the experiences you create for the community? Do the media react well?

Our first official event as ULTIMATE was the MLG Major in Columbus for CS:GO.  We produced and directed the front of house experience and the media and fans loved it.  We had a blast being a part of that for North America.

What does the future look like for UMV, are there any up and coming plans for more apparel at major events?

The future for ULTIMATE is absolutely exciting.  We will be launching FRAGD our eSports lifestyle news site next.  Our eSports content slate for ULT Studios is full of original programming.  We are thrilled to continue working with our publisher clients as well as new partnerships in hardware and innovative spectating experiences.  The ULT apparel line is expanding into technical wear for competition as well as custom suits for shoutcasters.  I can’t wait to share all of these advancements with the eSports community.  Visit us at UltimateMedia.Ventures for more news, updates or to connect and chat.  We are a community first company.

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