We are proud to introduce our Community Posts Platform!

What is this platform and how does it affect you?

    • If you're just a Visitor: You get real honest news from the community of eSports.
    • If you become a Contributor: Anyone can write for eSports! A contributor is anyone that wants to share an article on our site. Anyone who creates an account can write an article! With an account on eSports Center you'll be able to create a custom profile and add your social media handles! All your posts can be viewed from your profile for others to see!
    • eSports Center wants you to write about any and all things eSports. Here are a few examples:
      • News/Previews
      • Match Analysis
      • Fan Art
      • Cosplay
      • Well written Rants
      • And anything else worth sharing!


How does it work?

Becoming a Contributor:

  • Create the content, anything based on eSports or yourself is acceptable. You will be notified if we will not accept your post.
  • We'll do a majority of the editing (This is great if grammar isn't your best quality.)
  • We also dress the post up for you - We'll make it look good!
  • It will be published in our community section and some can be featured!
  • Share the post with your fans, friends teams and the world!

Becoming a Partner: You become a partner if your posts reach at least $20 dollars in ad revenue.

So here's the deal, as a partner you will receive 50% of the ad revenue generated from your posts! And 10% of the total revenue will be donated back into eSports! This means you're gaining some extra change, fans are getting great content, and eSports is growing as a whole! Everyone is happy.

What are the benefits? 

  • Grow your brand
  • Give back to your fans with personal content
  • Cross promote yourself through your channel to your profile)!
  • If you don't like streaming, but still want to add to the community - eSports Center is the perfect place for you!
  • Write articles in-between games to generate passive income
  • 10% of the total income the community generates gets donated back into eSports!

eSports Center is a great place to be, even while working on, or youtube. 

There are a few rules of course! Nothing too restrictive though:

  • Coherent writing - If we cannot understand the overall meaning of your post, it will not be published.
  • Copyright infringement - Put simply, do not steal other people's content! It's just not cool.
  • eSports related - Due to the fact that we are an eSports website, your content must revolve around the topic of eSports. (No single player game content)
  • No Racism, sexism, or discrimination in ANY FORM will be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban if discovered.

We hope you see the benefits of eSports Center and what it could do for our community - Have more Questions? - Just email us at!