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Flanks you should be using while playing Overwatch

Flanks you should be using while playing Overwatch

(These are probably best for new players)

You may have seen some of these flanks before - So I hope this can be at least used for a refresher. A lot of players know of these flanks but tunnel vision to a certain area of the map, so always remember to be looking for new ways to surprise your enemy if things aren't going right.

Flanking Tips: Keep an eye on your team and kill feed, if you see a 4 man wipe while playing defense, you'll probably want to get to the point as fast as possible. A lot of people will say that if they're playing a hero like tracer or genji that they don't ever need to be on the point and that's just completely untrue. If you can cause more overtime, or stop the payload long enough for your team to catch up - make sure you do it.

I mentioned it a bit before but one of the biggest issues new players have is tunnel vision, they'll focus on one enemy hero, one section of the map or chasing someone across the map. Always keep your mind fresh and don't get stuck on something.

Most of these flanks can be done by DVA, Genji, Reaper, Lucio, Winston, Junkrat(Practice with his shift ability), and of course Pharah.

Temple of Anubis


Hanamura - These 2 are just extra, hopefully to get your creativity flowing with Mei's E ability.

Hanamura - Mei Again

Volskaya industries - You can get really creative with this flank!

Volskaya industries - This is one of the best flanks in the game, and should be used whenever possible to break the choke point up.


Hollywood - This one is obvious, but people forget about it all the time.




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