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NàVi Win First Major Tournament Since 2014

           “Born to win,” Natus Vincere has been in Dota 2 since they took home the very first International back in 2011. They had stayed at the top of the Dota scene for the next few years but eventually fell off and, before today, had not won a premier tournament since late 2014. Now, two weeks before The International 6, the Ukrainian gaming organization is back at the top once again beating Team Secret in four games.

NaVi Dendi

               Game one went to Secret and it looked like they might win the series against NàVi as they had previously done the day before. Game two and three both were fairly even matchups with Secret having the slight upper hand in the early game, but the timer stretched out too long and NàVi were able to pull it off as their late game heroes were just too much for Secret to handle. Game four was a completely different story as NàVi had a last pick Huskar who rolled over the top of Secret with no answers to stop him ending the game in less than 20 minutes.

               Many people had thought that the NàVi direct invite to The International might have been a mistake as they had not won any previous majors tournaments in quite some time They proved many wrong in this StarLadder tournament and are looking very strong going into the biggest gaming event of 2016.

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