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NA LCS Week 4 Day 1 Results and Highlights

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Game 1 TL vs DIG: TL Dardoch with an early gank mid but it's a 1 for 1 trade. TL push bottom turret, and at second tier a big fight breaks out resulting in 4 kills for TL and turret. DIG respond by pushing top and with TP in TL are forced to fight now, but all members of DIG fall. At 17 minutes TL have 2 dragons and 3 turrets over DIG, for a 8K gold lead. With a huge lead, TL move mid and take the second turret and pillage DIG's jungle. TL able to catch Billyboss out, and then take an uncontested baron. TL pushes bot inhib taking it, and then rotate towards mid still with baron. Gold difference is 15K in favor of TL at 28 minutes. TL rotates top now and it's turning out to be a slaughter for DIG as TL take their base, their gold and their DIGnity for the win. End Game Stats

Game 2 C9 vs REN: C9 Take 3 top, as REN have 3 Bot, both teams trading turrets. C9 able to push bot turret down, and take an uncontested dragon. C9 rotate to mid turret and are able to take it with a 1 for 1 trade on kills. REN make a hard push top but unable to take it and 1 member will fall. 2 teleports come in for REN but it's not enough as C9 take another kill, and Balls is split pushing bot lane and takes another turret. Gold lead is 5k in favor of C9 at 15 minutes. C9 Sneaky able to pick off 1 member bot lane and then dive mid turret for another 4 kills, and thats the mid inhib for C9. Balls almost gets caught out but turns the fight around for a 4 for nothing and pusht he nexus in under 20 minutes! Jensen really did body these fools. End Game Stats

Game 3 CLG vs IMT: First kill goes down at 6 minutes in the top lane as both jungles roam up top, IMT has a teleport come in and that will be first blood for IMT. CLG answer back by 3 man diving Huni in the top lane, but IMT will also 3 man dive in the bot lane for a kill aswell. Gold lead is 1k in favor of IMT at 11 minutes. A fight breaks out bot lane, a 4 for 5 in favor of CLG! CLG getting a little over aggressive when pushing bot and IMT will answer for 4 for nothing. IMT go for a push mid and take the turret but lose 1 member in the process. A long stall as both teams try to clear and attempt baron but always contested. IMT finally get 3 picks in CLG's jungle for a 3 for nothing and will secure the baron at 30 minutes. IMT take mid inhib off that and rotate to bot grab that inhib slap CLG and take the nexus in 32 minutes. End Game Stats

Game 4 TSM vs FOX: Fox opens up with first kill onto Yellowstar. Both teams still keeping up the same pace with good rotations, but a lack of vision allows FOX  to get a pick onto Doubelift. TSM keeping up in gold, both teams tied at 19 minutes. Fight breaks out near mid resulting in another kill for FOX. TSM catches out a member of fox near dragon for their first kill. FOX catches TSM near mid but they turn it around for 3 kills. FOX made a baron call but TSM contest it for a 2 for 1 in favor of TSM. TSM go for baron now and FOX tries to contest but lose 4 members in the process, and TSM will be able to push down the nexus in 39 minutes! End Game Stats

Game 5 NRG vs TIP: Pretty even match here, both teams keeping good rotations. And many quick fights break out with even trades. At 33 minutes both teams are even on towers, dragons, and kills. NRG was able to grab baron over TIP and pushed mid. Fight breaks out and it's a 3 for 1 trade in favor of NRG. Next play is heavily around baron as both teams are trying to contest it. GBM gets a fantastic kill that will give them the baron, 4 kills and the nexus!

Want more highlights?

Highlight: TSM vs FOX - TSM with 4 Kills and Baron.

Highlight: IMT with 4 Kills onto CLG.

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