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NA LCS Week 2 Day 1 Results

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Game 1 TIP vs C9: Opening the day was a match you'd assume would go in the favor of C9. Wrong, don't assume that; because Seraph on Lissandra with teleports is why. On more then one occasion he was able to TP in and catch Cloud 9 off guard. C9 only had one good fight at baron resulting in a triple kill for Balls on Shen. They couldn't hold TIP off for very much longer giving up the win.

Game 2 TSM vs IMT: Now this was the most anticipated match of the day. Both teams sure did deliver an excellent game to watch. There is just something beautiful about watching 2 solid LCS teams compete. Xpecially when there is so much rich history between these teams. IMT opened up early with the classic "kill TSM's top lane maneuver", but TSM pushed back with 3 kills for nothing. IMT recalculated and had a good baron play over TSM but regardless the gold lead was so close for either team, that it was just plain intense. At 35 minutes you couldn't tell which team would pull off the win. After a bit of a lag from both teams IMT lead in gold by 3k, both ADC's got caught and Huni was able to make a play bringing it to a 3 on 4 in IMT's advantage. Accouple aggressive Fiora and Lissandra plays were enough to finish the game and Immortals is still undefeated!

Game 3 TL vs CLG: Team Liquid had some decent plays against CLG early on. Game 3 was relatively uneventful for the first 20 minutes, and CLG almost always had the gold lead despite being slightly behind in kills. An extended fight breaking out took two members of TL but ended in favor of CLG. With that CLG had a pretty safe lead on TL as well as an inhib. CLG with baron buff were able to push to the win fairly easily. Team Liquid keep on losing matches in the late game, where they seem to just fall apart. Hopefully Echo Fox will actually play in sundays game against TL, but if not it would be a sad way for TL to get their first win.

Game 4 DIG vs REN: DIG's Elise, Kirei, roaming early for a clean 2 kills. However despite DIG's early kill lead, REN kept up with their gold lead. REN without a kill on the board managed to push down DIG's top inhib turret at 19 minutes. REN finally got 2 kills on the board at 22 minutes keeping up lane pressure. Some lag with only a few kills going to either team until REN grabbed baron at 31 minutes. At 45 minutes DIG took 3 members of REN and baron, with the death timers at this point in the game it was all over for REN. And that's what a 48 minute game is like.

Fun Fact: If I had a dollar for every time charm would interrupt Crumbz this match I'd have 4 dollars.

Game 5 FOX vs NRG: Echo Fox had to forfeit the game to NRG for failing to submit an eligible roster for today's game,  despite multiple deadline extensions, they were unable to field a roster in time to give fair notice to their opponent.



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