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MLG Columbus sold out Nationwide Arena


With the most recent addition to MLG's Counter-Strike prize pool reaching a record breaking $1 million and more North American teams qualifying than any other major, fans have sold out the event just a month away. Adam Apicella, MLG's event chief, broke the news on his official Twitter earlier today announcing the Nationwide Arena had been sold out. Apicella later added that the organizers were also attempting to add extra capacity, however more tickets were unlikely.

The Nationwide Arena holds a fitting capacity of 18,500, however there is unknown information on how the setup nor capacity for the major. As far as the community knows, Apicella has given us that there will be an upgrade from past experience MLG had the past weekend during the offline qualifier. Additional lighting, stages, desks and accommodations for the fans such as, free refillable drinking sport bottles will be allowed in the venue, have been added.

MLG and Apicella have turned to the community on social media, including Twitter and Reddit, to gain quality from the recent offline event as well as what fans want included in the arena. MLG and Apicella have been praised for reaching out to the community based upon their actions taken place to ensure the quality for the major. MLG Columbus will be held April 1-3.

The offline qualifiers such as: Cloud9, Team Liquid, Splyce, Counter Logic Gaming, Gs eSports, Mousesports, Gambit Gaming and Flipsid3 Tatics have their respected places at the major. They will join the top eight teams from the last Counter-Strike major, DreamHack Clij- Team EnVyUs, Fnatic, FaZe, Na'Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas,, Astralis and Luminosity Gaming.

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