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A look into TSM's new lineup


Mid Lane - Bjergsen:

Team Solomid has completely changed their roster during this years off-season, and has gathered some serious contenders for a spot at the NALCS title, and perhaps even a successful worlds run. Last year, the team was heavily focused around mid laner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjergfeeding him a majority of the teams resources. Bjergsen also had the role of shot calling for the team, and this proved to be too much of a burden for the young mid laner. This year, team owner Andy "Reginad" Dinh focused on building a roster around Bjergsen that would allow him to focus solely on his mechanics and game play, while giving the shot calling role to another player.

Top Lane - Hauntzer:


Team Solomid's first addition to the new team was top laner Kevin"Hauntzer" Yarnell, the former top laner for Team Gravity. Yarnell was known for his play of tanks and heavy utility carries, and performed very well with very few resources given to him. This role is perfect for the new TSM lineup, as they need to focus their resources elsewhere around the map. Hauntzer brings to the table what other top laners in the LCS cannot; a consistent performance within the team that does not require heavy focus. As Yarnell showed at IEM: San Jose, he not only can perform when the team needs it most, he can carry. Even while players like Bjergsen and Doublelift were put on carry champions, Hauntzers Renekton and Gnar gameplay pushed hard enough for Team Solomid to secure a 2-0 win against Chinese team LGD.

Jungler - Svenskeren:


Team Solomids next addition to it's new squad was Danish jungler Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, whom formally played for SK Gaming in the EULCS until they were regulated this past split. Johnsen is known for his very aggressive early play, while still remaining relevant in the late game. While traditionally Junglers within TSM play a more supportive role for their carries, Svenskeren brings in a fresh mindset on how the jungle role should be played. He will make sure to put early pressure on the enemy jungler, and gank the lanes that need it most. Svenskeren at his best can be considered one of the best Junglers in the west.

ADC Marksman - Doublelift:


Perhaps the most shocking roster change this offseason, and in all of eSports history, CLG's AD carry Peter "Doublelift" Peng has joined his most rivaled team. Doublelift has been playing professionally since early 2011 where he started his career with CLG. Doublelift has always been known for his aggressive laning style and well played carries. Doublelift also leads the LCS with the most pentakills. Along side BjergsenDoublelift will be given a majority of the resources brought to TSM during their games and will be the seconday carry. With an all-star veteran in the AD carry role, TSM's lineup is looks to be the strongest iteration yet.

Support - YellOwStaR:

yellowstarFinally rounding out the new roster is former Fnatic support player Bora "Yell0wStaR" Kim, a true veteran to the League of Legends professional scene who played in the Season 1 World Championships. Yell0wStaR was known for his expert shot calling with his former team Fnatic, and hopefully can lead TSM's new lineup with the shotcalling role as well. With Kim taking on the shotcalling role, the burden will be lifted off of Bjergsen's shoulders, allowing him to focus on his game play while Kim leads the team.

With a new roster consisting of hardened veterans and proven amateurs, Team Solomid hope to take the next split by storm. Arguably the best iteration of the teams roster yet, TSM not only hopes to win the NALCS title but also have a shot at the Season 6 World Championship. Only time can tell how this new roster will perform, but owner Reginald definitely set the bar high for this new team.

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