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League of Legends Guide: How To Improve #3

BREAK THE META: How To Improve #3

Decision Making

 Decision making is key in League of Legends, knowing when to go where, what to buy, and countering match-ups heavily decide if you win or not. So I’m going to show you how to value objectives, from highest to lowest. These choices can all change depending on your situation, but can be used as a strong guideline.


DragonbuffDragon #5 - The most impactful objective in the game by far, when you obtain this, it almost ensures you win the teamfight. *don’t force a fight incredibly hard, this can make you lose the teamfight*

Inhibitor turret + Inhibitor - This combination is stronger then just simply taking baron why? because it allows more time and space for baron to be taken. Also taking baron requires you to siege a tower, which could result in failure.

Baron - Empowers your minions, allowing you to siege towers and close out the game. Baron is worth more as an objective if you have a lot of towers to destroy. Always keep an eye on Baron and be ready to contest it.

Tower - Towers this season are the strongest they have ever been, with nerfs coming soon. Destroying a tower is crucial this patch, with the global gold making a major impact in the game.

Rift Herald - This is a decent objective, it grants vision which can help lanes not get ganked. As well as providing a useful move speed buff that can help teamfights and sieging.


Dragon #3 - This is actually a pretty big dragon, gaining move speed can help with all other objectives and basic kiting and chasing.

Dragon #1 - This dragon buff is most useful in the mid/late game, it’s worth less than a tower <20 minutes, because it's scaling of the AD and AP you have. The later in the game the more useful this buff is. Get dragon when you can but it's not worth losing turrets or giving kills for.

Dragon #2 - This buff grants damage to towers and buildings, making it a so-so gain. Dragon is pretty weak right now and will most likely be getting a change.

Dragon #4 - I would almost rate this objective lower than blue and red buff it does get you one step closer to #5. So if you think you can close the game out before the 4th dragon then do that instead.

Blue / Red Buff - Back in the good ole days stealing a buff was a pretty big deal, it delivered a lot of experience and neutered the enemy jangle. Now-a-days this objective isn’t worth much, so don’t lose anything big for it but go for it if you have the clear chance.

Happy Climbing Summoners.

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