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League of Legends Guide: How To Improve #1

BREAK THE META: How to Improve #1

Map Awareness

Now this is the “golden skill” if you want to improve at league. If you read tip 2# then you would know how to ward. But warding is only half the battle, the rest is to watch your map diligently and make sure no one can gank you. But how do you teach this skill? you can’t just tell someone to look at the map and have them “learn” it.


Suggestion 1

Enlarge your mini-map

This is a good way to help passively to look at your map, when it’s bigger on the screen it’s much easier to notice. You can do this by going to Settings--->Interface---> and by scrolling your mini-map scale up.


Suggestion 2

There is a certain trick you can keep in mind when learning how to be map aware. Every 3-5 Cs you see die in your lane; you take a quick gander at your mini-map. This will help program yourself to look at your map often. This is the strongest of the three suggestions I have selected and is your best bet at getting better at league. Faker, one of the best players of league of legends said that map awareness was one of the most important skills and this technique can really help. 


Suggestion 3

Listen to your teammates pings. This is a little bit obvious but you would be surprised of how often people just ignore pings. They could of watched their map and saw something you didn’t, or are just pinging MIA for their lane. The only exception is if you're completely confident in you abilities and know maybe their ping isn’t right. Even I sometimes ping someone to be cautious and then they sneak out the kill and escape. If you’re practiced on that champion you should be the expert of them in your game, and can use your knowledge to know when to go in and out of the fight.


Well this concludes 5 tips on how to improve at league of legends, I hope you learnt something useful. Check out for more guides, tips, and information for all things esports.


Happy Climbing Summoners.

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