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The International 6 Dates Announced

TI             A time and place for the biggest tournament in Dota has been set in place. For the third year in a row the games will be held at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, running from the 8th of August to the 13th. 16 Teams will be competing for the current prize pool of $18,429,613.

If you are looking to attend the tournament, there are two different ticket-purchasing options for the event. The first four days of the event will cost you $75 that will also grant you access to the opening ceremony and the All-Star Match. To attend the last two days of the event and be able to sit in attendance during the Grand Finals match, it will cost you $100. It is important to note that with the purchase of your tickets you will be receiving other benefits and in-game item drops for attending the event.

Tickets will go on sale April 7th at 10:00 A.M. and can be purchased at

  • Seattle: April 7th at 10AM and 10PM
  • Rio de Janeiro: April 7th at 2PM and April 8th at 2AM
  • London: April 7th at 6PM and April 8th at 6AM
  • Berlin: April 7th at 7PM and April 8th at 7AM
  • Moscow: April 7th at 8PM and April 8th at 8AM
  • Beijing: April 8th at 1AM and 1PM
  • Singapore: April 8th at 1AM and 1PM
  • Seoul: April 8th at 2AM and 2PM
  • Sydney: April 8th at 3AM and 3PM

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