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HotS - Tempest Make it to Summer Championship

The HotS Korean Super league has long been an affair between MVP Black, the seemingly uncontested best squad in the world, and TNL, the eternal second-fiddle. The outcome of these final showdowns was usually heavily slanted in MVP Black's favor, but it now looks like there may be a challenger on the horizon who just might break the MVP dominance. Tempest are the interesting underdogs who have arisen to challenge the champions and they have made their case in a very convincing manner, by pulling off a huge upset against the perpetual second place team, TNL. For now, Tempest's win has propelled them into the Summer League in Sweden, but before they get there, they will have to face MVP Black for the Super League 2016 Two title, and the chance to cement their newfound top-contender status. Indeed, according to some, Tempest may in fact be able to pull off the upset against MVP too, a thought which - based on their performance versus TNL - isn't nearly as far-fetched as it may seem.

The Tempest-TNL series started off with a TNL win, which made it all look like things weren't going to stray from the usual. Tempest then went wild with their team compositions though, taking down win after win with lineups which appeared fairly standard, but managed to surprise every time nonetheless. Muradin and Falstad were two heroes on whom Tempest relied for every one of their wins. They mixed in surprise components like Kerrigan and Chen though.

On the other side of the barricade, TNL called upon Kael'Thas heavily and some of their talent builds were off the mark according to many.

The bottom line is that Tempest managed to surprise their opponents after that first loss, and apparently some think/hope that they'll be able to pull a similar stunt against MVP. Despite all the underdog buzz and enthusiasm though, the majority of the HotS community still holds MVP the favorites in the finals.

Peter Wassenberg works for the home of the most happening Overwatch forum,

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