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HotS: Major Tempo Storm Shakeup - Roster Dropped


Roster moves generally abound in eSports as teams find it relatively easy to switch up their pieces and to move them around in search of the magic recipe that will lead them to success, and HotS is no exception in this sense. Completely dropping a full roster though, manager and all, is something very radical even in light of the above-said, yet that's exactly what Tempo Storm did. The announcement regarding the move was made on Tuesday. The previous roster, made up of Tomster, TigerJK, Kaeyoh and Goku has been disbanded. Former Tempo Storm member Zixz had announced his retirement from the HotS scene some time ago,  as did team manager Zoia, so it is safe to conclude at this point that the outfit has been thoroughly blown up.

The announcement punctuated the end of a rather incredible journey for the team. About a full year ago, they were still one of the hottest squads of the NA HotS scene, having picked up the full roster of Symboite Gaming in 2014. All that quickly turned to dust though as other teams rose to the top, all of them at their expense. Naventic was one of the first ones who put a dent into Tempo Storm's reign, but others quickly followed, slowly but surely degrading the TS squad into a second-rate HotS team. Brain power, Gale Force eSports and Astral Authority were all NA teams who ended up using TS as a stepping stone/punching bag.

This year, Tempo Storm ended up barely making the Spring Regional, where they fell in the semi-finals. From there on out, it was all downhill for them: they failed to qualify for either of the two Regionals playoffs, once again trounced by their opponents, Astral Authority, Naventic, COGnitive as well as Panda Global.

According to the statement which rang in the end of the current roster though, Tempo Storm made it clear that the organization itself wasn't going to leave the HotS scene behind. In fact, they said they were looking to hire a brand new team, and the way the NA scene is currently shaken up, that might indeed turn out to be the winning move.

While Tempo Storm are fishing for a new roster, the longest original member of the Temp Storm team, Kaeyoh, seems to have landed on his feet. Unlike some of his former teammates, Kaeyoh will apparently remain connected to the scene by becoming a caster.

Pete Wassenberg works for Gosugamers, the home of the best The International coverage.

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