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Highlights: Winners EnemyGG MLG Americas Minor, Koosta is Absolutely unstoppable!



Kenneth "Koosta" Suen MVP

EnemyGG's Koosta, going against the odds with ease on more then one occasion against Splyce. Competing in the grands finals of MLG Americas Minor, Koosta is just plain on a mission right now. Coming back from beyond on a 3-0 lead Splyce had started with, Koosta, with the rest of EnemyGG took 7 rounds in a row.

Splyce fired back but ultimately it was Enemy GG who took the MLG Minor Series. So don't give Koosta an AWP.

This concludes MLG Minor Americas. There is still 3 more regional Minors before we get down to the Majors!

MLG CS:GO Major Championship: Columbus OH Nationwide Arena. April 1-3rd

Prize Pool: $250,000

Taking on 4 members of Splyce as they come 1 by 1.

Koosta goes 1v3 against Splyce.

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