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HearthStone: One Night in Karazhan Announced


The creators of HearthStone are certainly not resting on their laurels when it comes to keeping the game fresh and interesting for players. The latest adventure has recently been announced through a live-stream by Lead Game Designer Ben Brode, and it certainly tickles the taste-buds of all dedicated HearthStone fans/players. Set to be released on August 11, One Night in Karazhan is based on a light-hearted, typically HaerthStone-styled story: that of a party hosted by the Last Guardian, Medivh, who then goes missing, leaving his guests searching for him. The guests will then have to work their way up the tower looking for Medivh, fighting against or with other guests.

The location of the new adventure, Karazhan, has been known for a while, though actual details only now became available. Here's a brief wrap-up of what we know about One Night in Karazhan thus far. The adventure features a prologue, which will be free for everyone. Through this prologue, players will be able to tackle a boss (Prince Malchezaar), pocketing 2 cards.

The adventure, as it currently present itself, features no fewer than 45 cards though, of which 7 are known (Kindly Grandmother, Enchanted Raven, Firelands Portal, Ivory Knight, Barnes, the Curator and Ethereal Peddler. Needless to say, with so many new cards come a throng of bosses to defeat too: there will be some 13 of them in One Night in Karazhan. In addition to all the above, the new adventure will feature a new game board as well, one obviously meant to reflect the party theme of the episode.

Other than the prologue, the adventure is structured into 4 different wings, which players can purchase individually for $6.99 each, or in bulk, paying some $19.99 for the whole adventure. As alternative payment, one can cough up 700 gold per wing as well.

As said above, the adventure is released on August 11 and for the first week following its release, it features a special promotion, which gives players who purchase it in its entirety, an exclusive card back.

Hopefully, we'll get to know the remaining 38 cards that the adventure delivers soon too...


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