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Everything You Need To Know for IEM San Jose League

Here is everything you need to know about IEM San Jose for League of Legends next weekend.

The dates are the November 21st and 22nd. Saturday & Sunday next week.


The patch it will be played on is 5.21. Not 5.22. Rip 5v5 ADCS.

EDIT2 : TSM confirmed that the roster is Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjergsen, Doublelift and Kasing!!!

EDIT1 : Just a fyi if the groups are drawn the same as last years IEM San Jose then the top seeds from EU and NA will get a bye. Meaning CLG and Origen will get the byes since they placed higher then TSM and UOL in summer split. If that is corrent mypredictionsarekindascrewed.

The last patch we saw competitive play on was 5.18.( Kespa cup was played on a newer patch but not many western folks have watched it and not much is diffremt from worlds). Even though worlds was 3 patches ago, not much as changed since the big ADC changes did not go into effect until patch 5.22. Some notable changes to the game since 5.18 however are Riven's Ult CD went up, Mundo's E got a change, Zilean's passive got a rework and Kindred was released. We may see Mundo and Kindred get picked up for IEM however it is safe to say expect to see the same pick and ban phase from worlds as there has not been that many changed. Expect Gangplank and Morde to still be close to or 100% pick and ban. Also keep and eye out for Fiora, Elise, Tahm Kench and Lulu as they will be highly contested picks. Since the meta will be the same I think the biggest questions coming into the tournament are:

Will anyone pull out Ryze since no one had a answer for it at worlds? Can any new picks show up? Can the casters keep us entertained during this stale meta?

Kindred will be the most recently released champion available for play at IEM San Jose.

Looking at the teams competing we have 6 Teams from 4 different regions. TSM and CLG from North America. UOL and Origen from Europe. LGD from China. Jin Air from Korea.

Breaking down the teams 1 by 1.

tsm(black)TSM: After a disappointing worlds run the roster literally went down to one solo mid. Bjergsen the star of the team is getting a whole new roster around him. Former rival Doublelift joined TSM taking Reddit for a roller coaster ride of emotions. He replaces Wildturtle on the team and is taking the starting AD Carry position. While the rest of the team has not been announced, we have Reddit detectives on the case 24/7. Going off speculations we can assume that joining Bjergsen and Doublelift will be former Gravity top laner "Hauntzer", former SK Gaming jungler "Svenskeren" and finally former H2K support "Kasing". If this does turn out to be the team that does compete we got some questions for this roster.

  • How will the team perform with such big names on the team?
  • Will ego's and personalities clash and get in the way?
  • Will this roster even be the 2016 roster for LCS if they perform good or bad?
  • Who is the head coach?
  • Will TSM make more than 5 point 5 fucking K this tournament?

Many TSM fans cannot wait for the tournament and the roster reveal. Expectations should not be high for TSM though with a incomplete roster one week to competition. As always however, TSM fans demand the best. Reginald will most likely however just use this tournament as a tryout for players. Be patient TSM fans, you may have a strong roster coming, just don't expect a amazing performance at IEM San Jose.

CLG(black)CLG: After a disappointing run at worlds and not making it out of the "group of life", CLG turned into a 17 page essay of drama. Departures of Coach Chris, Pobelter and of course Doublelift to rival TSM left all League fans confused. From the outside it looks like a bad move. CLG has stated that they wouldn't have made these changes if they did not think it would better for the team down the road. The only winner out of all the drama was Huhi who is getting the starting position for CLG now in the mid lane for IEM and LCS. However we got more questions for CLG going into IEM


  • Who is their ADC?
  • How will Zikzlol do as the head coach?
  • How will the team respond after a lousy worlds run?
  • Will CLG get fined?
  • Will Xmithie have a visa issue?
  • Will Chauster play adc? He is top fuckin percentage

In all seriousness tho, don't expect much from CLG this tournament. They need time to pick up the pieces from all the drama surrounding them and focus on getting back to playing good League. Sorry CLG fans but I think this tournament is a sinking ship.

UOL: Well fuck, I was excited to talk about a good team. Now im stuck with UOL. After Fnatic released that they would not be attending IEM San Jose, it was revealed that UOL would take their spot. Last we saw UOL competitively was to fail to qualify for worlds against Origen. No one has any idea who is going to fill this roster, the only sure thing is that Hylissang and Vizicsacsi are staying. Vardags released earlier today that he will be leaving the team and no longer is a sub either. Airwaks is a sub so he may be the jungler, however the mid lane and ad carry spots are vacant. To top things off, former mid laner POE will be playing against UOL at IEM San Jose. Talk about a grim looking tournament, as well as big shoes to fill. Where do i start with the questions?

  • Who is going to play?
  • Can this team even contend?
  • Can Sheepy guide this team to some wins?
  • How will the team deal with facing POE?

This is going to be a rough tournament for UOL fans. Its gonna be a race to the bottom between CLG and UOL in my opinion. Looks like this is one dead Unicorn.

Origen(black)Origen: Xpeke, Sexpeke, the backdoor king is out, POE is in. After a year on the starting lineup of his team, Xpeke is becoming the Easyhoon of the team and letting POE take the throne. It is the best move the organization could do. Xpeke needs to manage and do business stuff which in turn takes away time from practicing the game. The team will only get better from here. However I do have some questions for the squad.



  • How will Origen handle a 6 man roster?
  • Will POE have enough practice with the team before IEM?
  • Can Mithy and Niels keep up their amazing performance they had at worlds?
  • Who will become their new head coach?

Origen with the roster change will be a stronger team down the road, In the short term however aka IEM, its may be a bit of a shot in the foot. Expect a top 2 finish from Origen. They can be a top tier team, just need more time to incorporate POE into there team. He also has a small champion pool. Rip Sexpeke

lgdgamingLGD: When does the sandbagging stop? Honestly though LGD was the biggest disappointment at worlds. Being knocked out in the group stages when expected to be a top 3 team at worlds can really destroy a team. No one expected such a fumble from them. We hope the #1 seed in China shows up this tournament, however I am worried that won't happen. Where do I start with questions.

  • Who will play top and Jungle? Acorn or Flame? TBQ or Xiaoxi?
  • Has the coach/ management issue been resolved?
  • Has GodV stop being Gold 5?
  • Can this team recover from such a embarrassing showing at worlds?

China's hope is in question that is for sure. Analysts cannot conclude on what to think of this team at the moment. For the sake of good League of Legends, I hope the #1 seed shows up, however if you want another team to win, hope the LGD from worlds shows.

jin air esportsJin Air: Finally Jin Air is at a international event. The issue though with Jin Air is they have not won anything ever. That one inven guy is damn well hoping that changes and that Gladplane.jpg flys back to Korea instead of sadplane.jpg. Jin Air has recently lost star mid laner GBM who stated he wants to play in NA next year. The team recently took 5-8th place in the Kespa cup losing to CJ Entus 2-0. Otherwise we have not seen them in action since the gauntlet run for worlds when they lost 3-1 to KT. This team performs one day and sleeps in the next day. Questions for Jin Air are.


  • Will they finally win something?
  • How will the team perform after losing GBM?
  • Is Jin Air, a middle tier team in LCK prove to be better then top LCS teams?
  • Can they be consistent all tournament?

I think Jin Air can place top 2 in the tournament. I feel other teams are having bigger roster or management issues. Jin Air can be top 2 or even take it all if they play a safe and reliable style of League. They should soar into the finals...ill show myself out.


Before you hate on me, this is just my prediction. I have analysed the teams, talked to all of you challenger players on Reddit and made a sandwich before drawing my conclusion.

I predict

  • 1. Jin Air
  • 2. Origen
  • 3. LGD
  • 4. TSM
  • 5. CLG
  • 6. UOL.

Jin Air should take the crown this tournament. Origen I feel can upset Jin Air however I do believe Korea is ahead of any other team at the moment. Expect NA to not perform much and LDG to look better then at worlds. Please win Jin Air orIwilllooklikeaidiot.

Who do you think will win IEM San Jose? Vote now!

Now before you get your jimmies rustled and flame in the comments, this is not over.

We got the casters we got to talk about! They deserve some recognition. I know most of you know them. However there are some new faces and some of us western folk don't see often. So I am going to do a brief overview of everyone who will be part of the IEM crew

Desk Host: William "Chobra" Cho. Has casted IEM's for League of Legends before. Very good at his job especially when hosting. Recently dove into other Esports as well.

Commentator: Leigh "Deman" Smith. I DONT BELIEVE IT, HES BACK. Yes Deman is back and I cannot wait. Commentated EU LCS up until end of season 4. Casted many worlds prior to leaving to work at ESL. He is coming back to League and he is one if not the best commentator to ever cast League.

Commentator: Erik "DoA" Lonnquist. Funniest commentator out there. He keeps it fresh and is very witty. Makes boring games fun to watch. He is a commentator in LCK.

Commentator: Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles. Our lord and savior Monte graces us with his Koreans are best attitude again, and per usual he is always right. Very intelligent caster you will learn lots from when listening to him cast. Commentates LCK everyday its on.

Commentator: Daniel "Tsepha" Drakos. For those in the west, He casts LPL and most recently the Kespa cup prior to worlds. He is a very good caster and underrated. Enjoy his casting while you can.

Commentator: David "Phreak" Turley. Puns of Damage. Been there since the start of League of Legends, no one knows his way around the game like Phreak. Jack of all trades. Can host, commentate, play by play, color cast you name it he's got it.

Commentator: Mitch "Krepo" Voorspoels. Former Player now caster, Krepo has seen it all. Former CLG.EU and Evil Genius support player has great sense of the game. New to commentating so be patient, his knowledge is incredible though.

Analyst: Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco. Another former player now coach of Team Coast. Again he has been there since the start. Amazing knowledge in game and enjoy his analyst's between games as he brings up things the common player wouldn't even think of.

Stage Host: Sean Charles. He has hosted a variety of Esports in the past. Sean Charles has done it all, however I do believe it is his 1st Lol tournament he has hosted. Should be a good one.

Field Reporter: Kristine Leahy. A sports journalist who mainly focused on basketball growing up specifically the Chicago Bulls. Kristine has been a very famous and popular journalist in traditional sports and it should be interesting how she takes on a Esport. Twitch is gonna go nuts when she gets on cam. "Did Sjokz die her hair blonde?????", calling that one right now.

Well that sums up my everything you need to know for IEM San Jose post. If you got questions leave them in the comments or tweet me @ thesportsjunky

Let me know as well if you guys like this kind of preview, if so I can do it for upcoming weeks of LCS, LCK, LPL or other tournaments coming up. Feedback is always appreciated.


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