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EU LCS Week 3 Day 1 Results and Highlights

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Game 1 GIA vs SPY: Game 1 started out with SPY picking up 3 early kills on LeBlanc. GIA was able to pick up 1 kill while out pushing SPY despite the small lead. But Sencux was able to take buttom turret, back and grab a quadra kill to turn it up a notch. SPY picked up a few more kills and grabbed Baron buff at 30 minutes which was enough to keep the push alive and finished the game!

Edward from ROCCAT could not play due to German visa issues so Vytautas "Extinkt " Mėlinauskas has taken his place.

Game 2 OG vs ROC: Unfortunately enough  Extinkt gave up first blood to OG at 7 minutes. At 15 minutes ROC was up 2k gold and was able to take out all first tier towers before OG. Teams were even in kills up to the 26 minute mark where OG was able to pick up a kill on an overextended Extinkt. Moving on for map control OG was able to pick up a triple kill mid by Zven's Lucian. OG was able to grab baron push down 2 inhibs backed up, put it in drive and then ran them over again to take the game!

Game 3 G2 vs FNC: The match was 26 minutes long in which Fnatic never had the gold lead. First blood went out to G2 Perkz on FNC Spirit. G2 was out rotating taking 2 early top towers, and Fnatic responding way to slowly. After Fnatic finally responded a 2v2 gank bot erupted which ended badly for FNC again. Gold lead was 4k up in G2's favor at 15 minutes. G2 five man pushed bot inhib and first nexus turret before FNC could respond. G2 was entirely too strong this match and FNC could not keep up. After a few more objectives G2 walked down mid and bot slapped FNATIC and took their shoes.

Diamondprox from UoL had the same visa issues and was replaced by Charly "Djoko" Guillard.

Game 4 UoL vs EL: This game actually started at 8 minutes when UoL was able to land a hook over blue wall and securing a kill. Both teams honestly played really safe, but UoL was able to pick off  EL's bot lane members for a 2-0 trade. UoL was able to grab 2 towers and now had 6k gold lead at 16 minutes. UoL knocked Janna out took baron and now had a strong lead of 10k gold. A huge fight broke out near bot jungle resulting in an Ace and triple kill going to Viktor for UoL despite EL picking up 2 kills. Pressure was too strong for Elements and UoL pushed for the win.

Third team effected by the visa issues in EU is H2K's Ryu, and was replaced by Marcin "Selfie" Wolski.

Game 5 H2k vs VIT: This was one of the most hyped matches for the day as 2 members on Team Vitality are previous members of H2K. Both teams played very well and were both even at 20 minutes. H2K was able to pick up a kill mid and taking a 4k gold lead over VIT with 3 turrets. 15 minutes of PvE goes by with nothing too exciting except a few botched engages. At 36 minutes a fight broke out mid lane in a 4-0 favor of H2K and that was enough for H2K to push and win!

Check Here: For more information on the Visa's issues

Highlight: GIA vs SPY Sencux with a Quadra Kill on Leblanc.


Highlight: H2K vs VIT Big team fight in favor of H2K

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