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eSports Crime?! Whats going on in Starcraft II

However, SC2 fans, we would beg you a favor. Please ignore that corrupted 1% and protect the passion of 99%.


We all know eSports is a growing industry, it’s growing so rapidly that Millions of dollars are pouring into the scene and each company wants their brand to be an eSports supporter. But despite the advertiser’s money, some pro players feel that they’re not being compensated enough. This lack of compensation leads to alternative outlet of income, and one of these outlets is illegal match fixing.

News in the Starcraft scene is that one famous player “Life” is arrested for match fixing. Life has been a long time Starcraft 2 player since early 2011. Over his Starcraft career he has won many tournaments, awards, and championships. His most prize winning achievement was the 2014 WCS Global Final bringing home $100,000. It’s safe to say that someone of his caliber is related to a match fixing scandal definitely hurt the Starcraft community and eSports.

Life is arrested by the Prosecutor’s Office with a warrant issued by the Korean Judicial Branch. The situation is dire because not many crimes require the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office. While conditions of his arrest, allegations, and conviction are still unsettle this isn’t the first time Starcraft has encounted match fixing. At this time, Life has only been arrested but not convicted, so hope is out there for this to be a false allegation.

Starcraft History Rewind

Early in 2010 a rumor began spreading among Starcraft fan sites indicating possibilities of match fixing in professional televised games. The rumor spread so wide that officials at the Korean eSports Assoication (KeSPA) launched an investigation. On May 16, 2010th the reports were true and made public, 10 of 11 players were convicted and one of the convicted was Starcraft star and legacy “sAviOr”. SAviOr was allegedly the ring leader and the one that allured other pro players to join his match fixing. Likewise, he received the most harsh punishment consisting; 120 hours of community service, 2 years probation, 12 months sentence, and a permanent ban from all KeSPA games. KeSPA revoked all four of his championship titles


Life celebrates his victory at 2014 Starcraft Championship


SaViOr on team CJ Entus

Many fans felt betrayed by sAviOr’s action, and the community went into a limbo state for quite some time. Such events were unprecedented at the time as gamers recognized that pro gaming wasn’t a lucrative career, but we watched and played games because we love it. To introduce cheating and fixing of the league was a back hand slap to the fans and the community. Passionate fans felt betrayed, and one can only imagine what Life fans feel during this arrest and investigation.

This brings up another topic, will there be more participants in eSports crime?

The industry is growing and there is money to be made, but the fact that pro players are resorting to illegal activity worries the legitimacy of this sport. Is it because of personal satisfaction similar to greed or a dire action because lack of compensation forced them into this situation? ESports is big and upcoming but with it comes many complications. Only time will tell..

Former president of KeSPA posted this statement to his blog and facebook page and was translated from:

Today, 2016 SC2 Proleague starts its schedule.

It should be a joyous day, but somehow it feels sad.
Especially, 2016 Proleague took a lot of effort; it was hard to get the cooperation of SKT. Also, it was hard to decide the teams.
Which means, Proleague would not have held had it not been for your advocacy.
I, as a former president of KeSPA and a fan of esports, am doing my best to uphold the reputation and history of Proleague.
I do understand your feelings; I do always feel despair when I heard of matchfixing. I always request KeSPA to take every possible precaution and deal sternly with the issue.
However, there is a certain limit as to what KesPA is able to.
KeSPA is neither governmental, nor an institution that have the power to investigate things. Though we`re doing our best that we can do, it is very disappointing that we cannot prevent this issues from happening.
However, SC2 fans, we would beg you a favor. Please ignore that corrupted 1% and protect the passion of 99%.
If you abandon and doubt their play, the place where they can play will be demised.
I love you, fans of esports and SC2.
Me, KeSPA and all esports representatives will do our best to improve our esports to entertain you more.
Though we`re having a hard time, Still I hope you to love our SPL, which we`ve been honouring altogether. We shall appreciate and trespass upon your hospitality.

- Jun Byeonghun, the honorary president of KeSPA

Let us know what you think about this situation.

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