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eLevate Announces New Halo Roster


After a top 4 finish at the Halo World Championships, team eLevate looks to lift their game even higher with some seasoned player picks.

All four players are either seasoned or have very successful track records. Here is a breakdown of their best placements and prior organizations:

The new players are Aries, Heinz, Hysteria, and Randa.

Heinz and Hysteria being the most seasoned veterans who also played together on Triggers Down, resulting in 3 first place wins and two 2nd place wins. Heinz has reached a first place finish 10 times total in his career. Aries also been around the scene for quite some time, and acheiving a 1st place finish at Iron Games Daytona 2015, and a 3rd place on OpTic gaming aswell as Noble Black. Randa is the rookie on the team. He has a bit of experience in some big tournaments playing along side Naded, a highly respected player in halo.

eLevate's Full Roster:

Aries - Came from "Dream Team" Started playing: 2008

Heinz - Came from "Team Liquid" Started playing: 2007

Hysteria - Came from "Triggers Pound" Started Playing: 2007

Randa - Came from "Winterfox" Started Playing: 2015

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