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CLG become the Halo World Champions for 2016!


16 Teams competed for the prize pool of 2.5 Million Dollars. Ultimately it came down to two, CLG and Allegiance. 

What started with nearly 1,000 teams and over 4,000 players across 5 separate regions it finally came down to 8 teams in the Quarterfinals.

Breaking it down further to the exciting display of semifinals consisting of the best teams in Halo; Elevate, Allegiance, CLG and Denial eSports battled it out to find the top two teams ready to take home the championship. Allegiance took on CLG in a B07 for the finals and after 4 games CLG took the victory with a 4-0 score! Allegiance's Naded was voted this years MVP! Congratulations to CLG and Allegiance for their phenomenal performances, and you can catch the Final Series here if you missed the event!

After the conclusion of the finals Frank announced via Halo Waypoint that they would be partnering with ESL to bring you the Halo Championship Series: Pro League. It comes as no surprise as ESL has worked with 343 Industries on their current Championship hosting the majority of the regions alongside Gfinity and MLG.

We are pleased, proud and excited to announce the Halo Championship Series: Pro League – a long-term partnership between 343 Industries and ESL to grow, nurture and evolve Halo esports at every level of competition. -Frank O'Connor, Halo Waypoint

Finals Bracket:


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