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Bjergsen, The monster who can carry.

Bjergsen, The monster who can carry.


  • The formula to calculate win/loss is by dividing "X" number of wins with "X" number of losses. To calculate KDA, the formula is kills+assists/deaths=KDA.
  • NO stats from all stars Paris were added to this information.

copenhagen wolves

History: Bjergsen joined TSM back in 2013 after team owner Reginald decided to step down from the starting roster to further advance the Organization. The kid came in with big shoes to fill as North Americas favorite was expecting big things from the Organisation to still perform as a top tier team. Prior to joining TSM, Bjergsen played in the EU LCS on Copenhagen Wolves and Ninjas in Pajamas. Even though the both teams fell short in the playoffs, Bjergsen performed well. When CW lost to EG in the spring split playoffs of 2013 2-1, Bjergsen still put up a KDA of 11-2-9. The kid had talent, but at the time he had no support around him. When he joined TSM, he had a better supporting cast around him. As he developed as a player and honed in on his skills though, the supporting cast became weaker and weaker compared to the opponent. Meaning it was all on Bjergsen to carry. A his talent rose, his teammates skill level plateaued or fell off. Bjergsen knows he has and can keep carrying games. The question is can his team help him?

The Survivor: The sole member left of the 2015 roster world cup roster has a ton of new faces around him. With the retirement of Dyrus and Lustboy, the departure of Santorin and the replacement of WildTurtle, it really was Team SoloMid. One week prior to IEM San Jose, team owner Reginald has formed a new team to at least compete for the tournament. Whether or not the players stay on the team for the upcoming split is not a 100% sure. We do know one thing is for sure though. This team is being built around star mid laner Bjergsen. Lets look at some stats as to why make this decision to build a team around Bjergsen.

  • 85 wins, 54 losses in his LCS regular season games across his whole LCS career which is a 1.575 W/L ratio.
  • 25 wins, 22 losses in LCS playoff games across his whole career which is a 1.136 W/L ratio.
  • 16 wins 17 losses in international events including Worlds, IEM's, MSI and Battle of the Atlantic, (That was a joke of a tournament) which means a .94 W/L ratio at international events.
  • Across all events, Bjergsen has 126 wins and 93 losses. This in turn is a 1.355 W/L ratio and a total of 219 professional games played.
  • 741 kills, 319 deaths, 739 assist across his LCS regular split career racking up a KDA of 4.639.
  • 212 kills, 81 deaths and 261 assists in his playoff career which in turn is a 5.840 KDA.
  • 138 kills, 91 deaths and 166 assists in international events including Worlds, IEM's, MSI and Battle of the Atlantic, (That was a joke of a tournament) which means a 2.971 KDA.
  • 1091 kills, 491 deaths and 1166 assists across all events for a KDA of 4.597.

Bjergsen is a monster as already known and he has that stats to back it up. In 219 professional games since season 3, the man has killed 1091 enemy champions. meaning every game he on average has 4.98 kill which is pretty damn close to 5. Five kills a game is crazy considering how controlled and smart pro players play. To add to that, his KDA goes up in playoffs meaning he steps up his game even further. The man is a monster in the mid lane and it is why fans love him. Even people who don't like TSM as a org have to acknowledge the skill of this guy. He clearly can carry, but does he have flaws?

The Downside: The interesting part about Bjergsen is even though in the LCS he dominates, when it comes to the international stage he tends to not be able perform as well as in playoffs. This is not entirely his fault. The team as a whole has historically been weaker in other roles as mentioned earlier. Thus because of that it makes the only winnable match up for Team SoloMid in the midlane. Bjergsen gets all the gold, all the ganks and all of the attention from not only his team but the enemy as well. If you are the enemy it makes sense. Shut down Bjergsen and then win the game as you can mechanically outplay the other members of TSM. Even at worlds this year, out of Bjergsen, GodV, Xpeke and KurO, most people probably had Bjergsen in the top 2 as far as mid laner's in the group go. Where as in the rest of TSM's positions, most people would of placed each player in their respective roles last in the group. Bjergsen wants to carry and enemy teams know it, hence why people camped Bjergsen a ton at international events. He also does not want to shot call. He has expressed before that he does not want to be the primary shotcaller. TSM has always prior to Bjergsen called shots from the middle lane. Maybe though if TSM brings in the right players some pressure can be relieved from Bjergsen. He also does require tons of resources. As stated earlier it makes sense to funnel all the resources into Bjergsen as he is the star of the team. At the current moment in League however, it is not a mid lane meta. Meaning even more resources needed to be shoved his way for him to carry. When you have weaker supporting players and they even need to give the carry more resources, it is more likely those weaker players even get beat up quicker by the enemy team.


When he does carry, he carries: The guy can still carry games at international events, which is something TSM has never had. The one game TSM won at worlds this year was Bjergsen going 11-0-12 on Twisted Fate. Even at IEM Katowice 2015, he had amazing games going 10-0-9 on Lissandra and 11-2-9 on Zed. If the team around Bjergsen doesn't get shutdown, he can carry. Very rarely does Bjergsen not carry his team when he has the lead. He is a very intelligent player and can almost make any lose/lose situation and win/win one. If TSM can take some of the pressure off him by using the players they recruited for IEM San Jose then he can carry. If the new team at the moment can take on some of the shot calling, win their lanes or make plays on the map that are successful, Bjergsen will shine. A new TSM: Can Bjergsen's new team around him step up and take some of the weight off his shoulders? Time will tell. Looking at the current roster for IEM San Jose all the positions have got a upgrade in my opinion meaning Bjergsen can carry and dumpster more people. Will it happens, who knows. All we do know is TSM needs to solidify its roster a 100% for LCS Spring 2016, and they have the perfect star player in Bjergsen to build a world class team around. He is a monster. If you like the content feel free to follow me on twitter @theesportsjunky As per usual feedback is always appreciated. Oh, and for all the people expecting a Monster energy can to pop up during your read, here you go.

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TheEsports Junkie

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