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Ascent Beats Unbrid in the $1k Cup #1

In a highly contested grand finals of the first iteration of one of's many cups for TF2, Ascent takes down Unbrid in a down to the wire showdown (1-5 on cp_process_final, 4-5 Golden Cap on cp_snakewater_final, and 4-3 on cp_gullywash_final1.

Newly crowned NA heavyweights Ascent have recently taken down Unbrid in a winner takes it all grand final in the cup. With Unbrid forming a surprising mix of b4nny, Muma, corsa, Freestate, indust, and paddie (with b4nny, Muma, corsa, Freestate, and paddie being confirmed in a team soon after), they quickly swept the competition to reach the finals, likewise to Ascent.

b4nny's Unbrid mix with a strong showing (credit to

b4nny's Unbrid mix with a strong showing (credit to

With the grand finals starting, Ascent made quick work of Unbrid on their home map process, starting the grand finals on a high note. After losing 5-1 Ascent, Unbrid brought it back on snakewater, turning it into a must-watch match by tying it up in the ending of regulation of 4-4 on the map. In the near end, an attempted winning cap from indust almost won it for Unbrid (reminiscent to former TF2 medic, harbleu). Sadly, for Ascent, even though it pulled into overtime, a dominant final push from Unbrid pulled it to gullywash. With the final map starting, Ascent quickly pulled out to a 3-0 start right out the bat. With Unbrid not giving up, they pulled back, but it was too late. Ascent had won 4-3, but there is no denying the Unbrid mix had a great showing for it's first showing.

cp_process_final logs

cp_snakewater_final1 logs

cp_snakewater_final1 golden cap logs

cp_gullywash_final1 logs

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