eSports fans now have a location to get all their news and updates all in one place. Not only are we centralizing eSports, we're doing it at a community level.

Meaning we're not just creating content for our users, but our users are creating content for other users.  With many of our contributors having a celebrity status across the internet, with tons of followers - it's easy to get valuable viewers. We also provide live feeds from twitter, youtube, instagram, and other popular social streams from the top personalities and brands of eSports. On top of this, we bring all sources of news and information to one place in our Press Center, providing rss feeds of the top publishers in our industry.

eSports Center specializes in competitive gaming advertisements. We are a lot different from other sites, as our audience is highly target-able with content. Not only will this content come from our own specialized eSports journalists, but also from the pros and personalities in the industry through our partnership program. We also provide ads that are clean, and easy to see by our users.

Why advertise in eSports?

We'll give you a few reasons

The Figures

Games like Team Fortress, CS:GO, League of Legends, World of Tanks are all bringing in millions of players daily. League of Legends hitting on almost 30 million players a day. All of these popular games(the most popular games in the video game industry all have eSports related content) bring in tons of eSports fans, that's where we come on, we cover all the news and info players need and want for their games and tournaments. All these views come right back to us!

Event                            Year          Game                                                Views

eSports is an explosive market, showing no signs of slowing down!

In 2012 there were 58 million eSports fans, last year 89 million, 2020 expect around 175 million fans worldwide! A lot of these fans don't even play the games they're watching, they just enjoy watching the competition, which leads the assumption that not only does eSports engage gamers, but spectators as well.

eSports spectator Growth Sales

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Our users engage with the top pros, personalities, and influencers.

Market to our visitors who are willing to spend the money on great eSports products. The average competitive gamer is anywhere from 15-27 years old, 85% being male. Gamers who are playing video games are spending 50% less time watching TV and 47% less time watching Movies. Most fans and gamers are in the perfect age group for extra spending, they are also socially active and extremely tech savvy.

Native Advertising

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