What is eSports?

Let me introduce you to a world where video gaming is a 93 billion dollar industry. Where marketing campaigns, release schedules and fiscal years are all common terms of phrase. How did we get here? Certainly there are more prominent features that adorn the landscape. Mario and Nintendo to Microsoft and Master Chief; The point I'm making is that video games have gotten by largely on their own merit with no outside star power, aside from creating something you love. It has only occurred recently that we see cases of celebrity (in the traditional sense) endorsement and physical likeness in and around video gaming.

Now, imagine a world where gaming can breed it's very own celebrities and perhaps, athletes. Enter; eSports and livestreaming. Giants such as Twitch (rising so far as to be purchased for an sacrilegious sum *hyperlink article* by Amazon) and YouTube more can be attributed to ushering in a new era of video game coverage aswell. Thanks to the wild popularity of such games as League of Legends and DotA 2 (games commonly referred to as multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBA) and of course first person shooters such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, as well as real-time strategy games (Blizzard has the lion's share here with Starcraft and Warcraft) who all share a commonly aggressively competitive nature, we find ourselves in an excellent position to leverage the best of the best into household names. Video gaming is no longer an enthusiasts hobby; it's a legitimate avenue of business and entertainment.


Even before eSports we were always dedicated creators and always had a passion for games. We were very motivated early on in our lives which lead us to running a delivery service called Super Convenient in our home town. Delivering groceries, fast food, supplies and more to our customers. Starting in a small town it really fueled our fire for how we could create services that people can actually use.

We started working on eSports Gaming in 2013, a website dedicated to the news and media of eSports. While the success of eSports Gaming impressed us we saw that eSports has always done things differently from other related industries. One thing that we see needs adjusting is how we get our information. There are countless sites sharing and swapping stories for their users to read. This works in a sense, but with how active the professional players, personalities, and eSports influencers are in the community fans don't want to get their news from anyone else.

To do this we launched our eSports Live and Press Center programs. eSports Live is a combination of real time updates from all the major brands, players and teams in eSports. You can see what's going in real time with updates from the pros. Press Center is the collection of all the RSS feeds of major news outlets and publications, giving fans a one stop location for all their eSports news! On top of that, we provide a platform for any user to come in and create a valuable post that we then edit and stylize for the community section of our site. This enriches the community experience that we are providing!

Our ultimate goal is to see the industry and all communities involved grow together to make eSports entertaining, interactive and most importantly fun!

- Chad Howard, CEO @ eSports Center


eSports Center was founded in September of 2015 by Chad and Brandon Howard - the eSports Bros.

Brandon Howard - President & Co-Founder (Left) Chad Howard - CEO & Co-Founder (Right)

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